Thursday, September 4, 2014


We have lost a true ICON "The Original Queen of Throwing Shade" Joan Rivers. I almost doesn't sound right to say about a woman who lived an amazing life and brought so much laughter to our world. The Fashion Police Host Made a career that paved the way for many female comics and the one thing about Joan that always rang true to me and many others is that she never apologized for being Joan. I will miss her.. Thanks for the Laughs... xoxoxo Brazil- Joan Ranger

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Summer Grand Finale... #DRTAKEOVER14

OMG!!! When they said we are turning up this weekend they weren't playing. From the time we arrived to the very end. Let me tell you the Melia Caribe Tropical was absolutely breathtaking with Peacocks walking freely on the land and Turtles,Birds just name a few. The all Inclusive Resort is sectioned off for families and Adults only areas. I of course was in the "Level"(Adults only) Area that had its own Dinning area as well as pool and Beach.

The Black Party, DRImpact Outreach,VIP Pool Party Featuring. The sexy Jensen Atwood,Julian Serrano (such a beautiful person),Oohzee (who I adore),and Sparkle (who is just an amazing beautiful person) The Toga party, Booze Cruise,The Comedy show,Music Showcase,Bowties,Bikinis & Stilettos Party, Beach side Gospel service (Yes Church was represented),Mimosas and Brunch, The Pool Party featuring The Fashion show & Hot Body Contest, & Finally The Pajama Party Finale.

There was no fighting, No Drama Just a bunch of Adult Men and Women who wanted to #TURNUP out of the usual place state side. Trust me when I say the Hate was there and probably still is thick only because people really have no idea what went on there. In fact I like it that way. If You were there we had a way to find each other and communicate that's how organized it was. The staff was on hand to have a great time as well as handling any issue that may have come up. I appreciated the Love and Respect from everyone. You should absolutely consider this for your travel next year especially if you want to set out the box and out of the country.

With it's addition of The DRImpact which has you go out to a school and physically give the children School supplies and clothes. It's Turning Up with a purpose and it has it's own reward.

"Remember Hate without knowledge is just plain Ignorance"