Friday, April 24, 2009


It's been awhile people and I have so much to say about the standards of today's music it's just sad. Let's start at the top of my WTF list..


I think after last night's show it is safe to say that Day26 days are numbered due to the fact that they can't sing. Whatever that song was they sang at the final chapter show last night "live" their vocals sucked except for Will's. Danity Kane seems to had been just a stepping stone for Dawn she is going solo (who didn't see that) She will be hitting the road with Diddy (go figure) It was great seeing the girls except Dawn it seems to me that she had her eye on being either lead or solo from the get go. I hope that the making the band curse doesn't back fire on her. to Aubrey is heading to Broadway and has a reality show in the works. D woods is heading solo and movies. Shannon is working on a non profit for girls. Andrea wasn't there and took time for herself.


She's hitting the road and her movie comes out today. Where do I began. The movie Obsessed doesn't seem that it worth the hype which is why it is coming out a week that no other movies comes out. From the looks of the previews she still can't act and by now B if you don't have it You probably never will. She also is in a supporting role. The tour which has been mixed with reviews so far and to sell tickets they have 20.00 seats as well which you would think were bad seats the are random seatting. I really didn't care for what I saw of the show but you be the judge and let me know tickets go on sale tomorrow.

Jill Scott:

Her show no.1 ladies detective agency is doing great with ratings and critics.
She also had her first child on 4/20 at 4:20AM (SMOKERS HOLIDAY) Congrats Jill.

So now for the WTF SEGMENT: I am sick of Bs Black Music such as ,Day26,Beyonce,Ciara ect. why aren't artist like Jill, Maxwell, Eric Benet more pushed on the radio? This is why I don't listen to the radio i use my ipod play list or Sirus-XM radio because there is more variety and they harp on the fact most people cant afford Sirus-xm radio so they feel you the bullshit of the same songs and same artist everyhour on the hour. So I say to all you Radio station heads GET WITH THE FUCKING PROGRAM and get with the realness of what Black music is all about: SOUL