Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Return Issue...

How u doin (in my Wendy voice)... I have so personal news and of course your entertainment news: first things first. I am putting in the works a new blog of course this one will be my first love and will remain. The second blog will be a video blog and that will showcase more everyday issues with panel discussions etc. So look out for that coming probably after Christmas.

Now back to the world of entertainment:

Starting with the battle of the diva's Madonna,Britney and Janet (in album order)
Madge came out with a greatest hits album in late Sept. with remastered hits like,Vogue,Who's that girl.etc. The single from this collection is called "Celebration" (which the album is called) This song is fire and the video Madonna at 50 is killing these 20 something yr old dancers.

Britney has come off a huge tour out selling everyone who was on the road in 09'' Britney has nailed it once again with her new singles collection which also has a new single for it called "3" a dance track as well. She is really saying something in this song. 3 some go Brit her album collection is due out Nov.10Th

Janet has basically remained in a low enough profile since the VMA's since she has released a song "Make Me" as well a dance track produced by Rodney "dark child" Jerkins This song is classic Janet and remains on repeat on my ipod. This album is a collection of #1's which I have been waiting for this album includes: Diamonds, I get lonely (remix),Black Cat, Feedback etc. Janet's double CD comes out Nov.17Th go cope them all..

Speaking of returns MJ has come back in a serious way. After his tragic death fan's have felt like some was trying to rob them of their ICON by the crazy drug addict,sickly stories it seemed like their was no way up from this as a fan until last night when I sat in the Landmark theater for the 9:00pm showing of "This Is It" I like millions of fans all over the world were treated to the spotlight at the end of what seemed to be a never ending dark tunnel. This movie showed you Micheal as a human being and a showman with his hands in every detail of what would have been the show of all shows. Micheal danced,sang,smiled,joked. A side of him that we rarely ever got to see what really got my heart racing was how aware he was to what his fans wanted to see and what they weren't going to like. In spite of this being rehearsal footage you would have thought you were watching a full on show. I was amazed at him even with the fact that I have always been a fan he never disappointed me or his core fans.

SAW 6 I like this one in all but damn 6 of them??? This one really dealt with today's issue of Health care and that was the real interesting part of this one for me. Even though it's Halloween I am over it and you should be too.

Law Abiding Citizen: Now lawd knows I am not a Jamie Foxx Fan but this film was great and Gerard Butler (of 300) acted his ass off in this film. It keeps you on your seat and scratching your head at the same time this is truly a MUST SEE.

Paranormal Activity: This movie is a mind Fuck (if i could be so bold) It's not Jason scary it's did I just see that scary. this is something you watch and 3 days later it will linger in your brain and now your seeing things. My guess would be go see it today and on Holloween you will be scared as hell... This is So a DVD movie but I am glad it has made all of it's money back in the box office returns and then some... big ups to previews.

Lessons Learned:Kubla Khan Productions Does it again with this film it's not cut and dry as Grace Haven was Lessons has alot going on where you have to pay very close attention and if you blink twice you are thrown. I have to say for me not being in this one I am really in love with this story and the growth that this local production company going. I saw this film a while back however check your local listings or check back with me for the next viewing...