Monday, September 2, 2013

B's Porn Edition.

Now I have seen a lot of talent and then some no so talented. This list is of all my times watching porn. Some are no longer in porn but their work speaks volumes. The first goes out to:

TIGER TYSON: in the early 2000's Tiger was everyone's fantasy he was eye candy times 10. He had skill, was passionate, did I say ├╝ber sexy? The wood was huge and was clear he knew how to use it. Sadly later in the day he adopted this thug persona that peeked an interest that was short lived.

Alejandro: which was the peek of my eye since "Officer Perez" and many photo shoots of Latino Fan club. Fine as hell dimples,body,ass and pipe. Then seeing him in Spanish lessons 2 sealed the deal he had it all in that rough trade kind of way. Fast forward to now Alejandro now Vers (ain't bad at it either)still has that boyish appeal..

Ian Rock: Now this man is hot. He is the type of dude that is so smooth and laid back that you would forget about your friends. I first saw him in a film where it was clear who was in charge. He wore his partner out. And left nothing to the imagination. Built to perfection and pipe with experience all his scene you saying hmmmm. Fast forward to today Ian looks as if time stood still and he can still get it.

Sarge: He is a guy that you lust after at work or you see. At the gym and wonder. I saw him and a scene and was in aww of his look then he was vers and my jaw dropped but not in a bad way. He throws it and takes it extremely well glad after taking off for a bit he is back.

Victor Rios: Some may not know who he is but make sure you google that sexy ass man. Vers. And leaves nothing to the imagination when it comes to selling sex. He has always been one of my fantasies. Along with another that will be mentioned later.

Dream: Ooooohhh how I love him. Dream a top that talks mad shit. And likes his ass ate is something. He is probably one of if not the best tops in the game. Sorry for the others but if you want to know what a top is to give on film look at a Dream feature.

Remy Mars: At first he didn't appeal to me at all. But then after seeing his skill as a bottom I had to take a second look and yes he does capture my attention. Recently Remy has been topping and he ain't bad at that either hmmmmm.

Big Redd: Now he has earned his stripes with me sexiness. Not afraid to to give oral service and shoes pleasure when receiving it. This vers/Top gives much visual and in recent scene he was the bottom. Hmmmm shock to my system but not bad at all he does have a nice ass.

Chase Carter: There isn't much to say about him just yet. This chocolate Top? Has dominated every scene he has done sexy chocolate drop seems to give you that dude you try so hard to ignore but over powers it with his sex appeal. He gives off that when I give it too u your going to want more and trust I will.

Eddie Diaz: Eddie doesn't look like he has a freaky side but yes yes he does. This Vers/bottom shows his sexual hunger in every scene he's in with his boyish good looks nice body,tats,ass, oh and hidden piercing see if you can find it.

Ty Lattimore: last but so not least. My gawd. The first time I saw him was in Black Inches at 18 that look he gave to the camera was like he was looking right at me. The movie that sticks out in my mind is "Chained Heat" Ty became my fantasy right then and there and still remains. With time Ty gets sexier and sexier. SN: remember when they thought Lloyd Banks was on a porno and it was Ty Lattimore? Ok let me stop I sound like a fan.

*Here is my faves I do have more but this list is my faves of all times for more reasons than one. Each reflects points in my sexual growth and ending with Ty... Well there are things. Oh there are things. Ill end here. Lol till next time. -B.