Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Janet Jackson - Unbreakable (Audio Stream)

The Conversation In A Cafe.... The Janet effect..

I know people have been wanting me to write about my Love Ms. Janet Jackson. I had every intention too but I took a moment to be a fan and really just enjoy what was happening before I really dug in. Janet has taken some much needed time to herself to get married To Fashion and Retail Mogul Wissam Al Mana and really relax. Janet Had come to The J Tribe in we bit hour of her 49th Birthday, And told of that she was coming to us with new Music, New world tour and new movement. Shortly there after Her world tour 1st leg was announced and we the Tribe got "No Sleeep" going crazy over this news. After a few days we got her now 2 time number 1 single "No Sleeep" feat. J Cole. With people like Wendy Williams who said on her show at the top of the summer that "Nobody Cares about new Music from Janet" "Janet Needs to do Vegas , and give us her hits' Janet has since slapped the nay sayers with her single and now a beyond sold out World Tour That is scheduled to hit Japan sometime in Nov. With a few shows under her belt Janet has done no interviews as of yet and when we do see her it's in a video montage for her tour book and album Cover with music and very little words.

I am loving the mystery. In the world of Music leaks and Janet has managed to keep hers under tight lock and key. Giving us snippets driving us crazy,But in true Janet Fashion her love for her fans is over shadowing any nerves with the release of "Unbreakable" A love letter to her family and friends. The heartfelt uptempo song really shows her true devotion to us real fans who have always been here for her even when she had nothing out. Just when you thought the song was over the tempo changes with background vocals "Fans & Friends" and Janet Speaks Directly to her fans ending it with "There's a lot to talk about, I'm Glad your still here".

Listen I am cemented as a Janet fan you can ask anyone in my actual life. I am going to see Janet in Miami Sept.20th and again in NYC February and DC in March. So as you can see I am not just a trend Fan I have been to every show since the "Janet Tour" So coming for Janet is coming for me and you don't want to do that. I take no issue with Janet Not changing costumes or the Style of this tour it's Janet her style has always been very European inspired and this tour is no different. I love the fact that she is so Mysterious with this project and taking it back to what albums use to be an Event. The excitement of her Pre- sale release on Itunes Had her in the top 10 in mins. of its pre-order release and a few Hours later number 3 and still in the Top 10 on Google Play. Concert footage surfaces online at every show bringing together Tribe members from all over the world with meet ups at the shows and life long connections. Janet to me has always managed to be my voice when I didn't have the words or was brave enough to speak my mind. The Song "Unbreakable" gives me so much love and the tone of the music is such a great vibe it will make anyone feel good after listening to it. I am so happy for my girl she seems so happy and aware of her impact. I look forward to seeing her on the road and hearing the new music.... Love me some Janet