Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Janet Remains The Great Forever As Fans Rally For a Speedy Recovery

With the most anticipated album in 7 years Janet Has Learned that her fans (J Tribe) had Her back. Since The late evening On May 16th (Her Bday) Janet Gave Us The Gift that only she could give, her return to us in a New Album, New World Tour, and A New Movement.
Well Janet has lived up to all of her promises. She built up much hype with teasers to songs and tweets of Lyrics and Finally on Oct.1st at 11:35PM on Itunes we were able to hear the 7th number 1 and masterpiece that is "UNBREAKABLE". With an already successful World tour Under way(Most sold in mins in Presales) And Just when you thought Janet couldn't do anything else for the Love of her fans, She Came up with a VIP Experience for her fans that offers a look in the journey that is MISS JACKSON a Museum filled with Awards, Costumes,Pictures and In New Orleans Janet Herself posed as a mannequin and shocked fans in the Lounge (Damn why wasn't I there)... Janet put together with her Super team of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis A Fan album, yes I said it a Fan album, To Quote Janet herself "This Album is for you, I've Missed you so Much" And it's Clear Janet We Missed you Too.

Janet Has Had to Postpone a Few dates on her Tour to rest The Vocals, And Once again Us The Fans Have Rallied around her as she gets The rest that she needs so we can "Burn It Up" When she is all better and ready. We Love You SOOOO Much Janet

Ya same ol' song
Is draggin me down
Not good for my body
Change it up
Cuz it ain't nothing like
Having your own ID
My lanes been stuck
I've never been afraid
To swich oh no not me
And they show me love
For being original

And tell 'em make room
Shake the room
Bang bang ya gon gon get it
You gotta get up off that grey line
And can't nobody tell you
What you can't do
Shut that down automatic
And I'll guarantee they'll fall in line
Watch 'em all go

-Dammn Baby Janet Unbreakable