Tuesday, June 18, 2013

MMMMMMM.... Kerry

Now as time has gone on I have tried to keep my mouth shut again Kerry Rhodes and this Russell Simpson being alleged lovers. I refuse to even give this child any credit for anything because I scratching my head trying to factor in after seeing the video of them and the other assistant why would Rhodes have any dealings with Simpson when the other one seemed much more prepped for the key factor in high profile relationships which is say nothing. All of these pics and videos make him look jaded, bitter,broke, and for lack of a better term as Wendy said A "Stunt Queen" The T probably is she was spending unauthorized dollars and was fired or made advances at Rhodes and was shut down. Sorry The Females can eat this one up but this Gay man has seen too many like this searching for their light and 15 mins. As for him with a reality show ain't nobody checking for it because even as a pilot it was trash. So Bossip I hope it was worth it but lil bebe from back alley NC or SC has caught the fever of Country Mouse City Mouse.. From the sticks and gets a chance to see what the good life is she got drunk from and decided that she will keep this mess going no matter what. I'm over it and please can some one get him a style tip and some public speaking classes I am tired of hot messes like this being the face of gay people some of us actually work hard for hat we have on our feet not our backs. #justsaying It's sad and before you go there I am far from Jealous I feel sorry for you that you may never get a job.

Kelly Rowland finds her voice.

With her new album dropping today. Ms.Rowland fans was looking forward to this long awaited album and what she had in store for us. Well with the single last year "ice" with lil Wayne we got a taste of the fire left from "Motivation" however we later learned that "ice" wouldn't be on her upcoming album. So Kelly gave us a single that wasn't just hot but something we all would like to say but maybe a bit to shy to say "Kisses down low" where she gets playful but direct and we heard it. With that ride in full swing later in 2013 she released a track that was so raw and honest "Dirty Laundry" where her past feelings are showcased about life after Destiny's Child and a abusive relationship. As a fan I was both hurt and understanding by her truth it really made me curious about what this album was giving and as of 11pm last night I was pleasantly surprised. She gives you twerking beats,club bumpers,summer jams,soft ballads,sad ballads and more.. My repeats so far are "Red Wine" "Talk a good game" "street Life" "You changed" (Yes I love the song in spite of the fact Beyonces on it) and "Freak" You should pick this Album up if you haven't already cuz your missing out...