Sunday, June 27, 2010


As a watcher of Award shows I watched this years BET Awards in which they celebrated 10 years you would have never known because you really don't care. I was on my feet when I CHRIS BROWN did the MJ tribute as he should have done last year. He killed it with the dance moves but what really got me was when he was supposed to sing "Man in the mirror" he couldn't she cried and tried to do it anyway but emotions got the best of him in that very moment. Chris was like so many of us last year and even this year of the death of MJ he wasn't a "woman beater" as you all painted him out to be or a "heartless person" He was just Chris a Fan of someone who changed his life as they have changed ours. I was on Twitter earlier and Chris tweeted: "I hope you are watching the BET" I can say as a loyal fan I realized in that very moment why I was a fan in the first place. It is hard to dance and sing and it it also hard to do that with the world at your shoulders Remember that Chris also won an award from the fans.... El Debarge made a shocking appearance looking great and still sounding wonderful. The Prince Tribute was good but the shocking part was a very pregnant Alicia Keys jumps on the piano during her performance of "Adore" Prince looked very concerned but was very pleased with her performance. As he excepted his award he made it clear that he was wild in his younger days and the younger artist need not make the same mistakes that he made. Sadly these were the best parts of the night I need BET to get it together after 10 years and they still are excepting money for awards...SAD

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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