Monday, May 22, 2017


While yes the billboards in the past have been my favorite award show. This was by far the worst award show I have seen ever. ugh of course Drake and Beyonce were the darlings of the evening aka the award hoarders, The award show focused mainly on lack luster performances with gems in the middle Celine with the celebration of the now 20 year old hit "My heart will go on" (as does that song) a tearful Celine belted her heart out with audience participation as much as I am far removed from the hit I absolutely Love me some Celine who also looked amazing 1 year after her husband Rene passed away from his long battle with cancer. Good for you Celine.

Now Cher #MicDrop. Cher at 71 showed every single chippy this is what showmanship looks like she came to the stage with her epic hit "Believe" costume 1 and then yes.... In classic Cher fashion costume 2 complete with the now iconic "If I could turn back time" Outfit and The Hair..... Cher also was Billboards recipient "Icon Award" Come on how could you not she has no.1's in 6 yes 6 decades and LOOKED AMAZING... work it out Cher. The last stitch efforts to hold the award show together Bruno Mars (who should have opened the show) gave you his new single "Too good to say Goodbye" Outside of these 3 mentioned nothing to write home about not really because other performers were no good it just didn't flow from start to finish to be honest I kept an eye on facebook just to see when Bruno came on Thank you Romes... And Thank you all for sticking with me with my spotty commentary but I'm Back and can't wait to dish.... xoxoxox