Sunday, September 13, 2009

VMA's To Remember

I have been watching the VMA's since about the time they premired. I was taken by the moving tribute to Michael Jackson. Madonna with what they had in common and the time they spent together. Then the main event comes out and the dance tribute was fire. Janet Comes out in true diva fashion with the reunion of Tina Landon who we haven't seen together since the "Velvet Rope" The song she danced to was "Scream" which is fitting for all the mess they have since said about both Jacksons.

Taylor Swift pulled an upset when winning over Beyonce and Lady GaGa I too was shocked as was Swift but not as shock as resident "Jack ass" Kanye West who pulled the mic away from her and went on this Beyonce appreciation speech. Which left Taylor shocked and mute and fans and fellow celebs booing. Kanye was asked to leave the award show which almost never happens. as I was on Twitter thoughout the night I saw a Tweet from Pink saying "Kanye west is the biggest piece of shit on earth. Quote me". Katy Perry Tweeted "FUCK U KANYE. IT'S LIKE U STEPPED 0N A KITTEN". I tossed Kanye CD's in the trash. I like an artist that is real but to have disregaurd someone's feelings like that Dayum.

The other upset came from the Best Pop catagory where again Bey and GaGa were nominated and Britney Won. It almost seemed as if This was not the year of Bey or GaGa until the lady won Best new Artist and Beyonce won video of the years which I thought she should have won. Beyonce made herself a headline again when She gave Taylor Swift her moment to finish her speech. Which seemed a bit convient for me but ok.

Peformance wise I have to say Janet was top ranking,it was great to see her back in action looking great. Green Day was fantastic they kept the crowd going and then Beyonce performed "single Ladies" for the billionth time I am so over it. according to Twitter so were alot of her FANS. Jayz closed the show with Alicia Keys and it was cool except lil mama that was yet one of many head scratching moments.