Sunday, July 31, 2011

Artist of The Month Aug/Sept. Avery*Sunshine

I came to learn about Avery*Sunshine from my mom about 4 months ago and I kept forgetting her name so I was watching VH1 soul and saw her video "All in my head" and couldn't tear myself away. So I called md asked if this was who she was talking about and sure enough it was Avery*Sunshine. So I youtubed her and saw several live performances. I fell in love with her voice and personality I went 5 mins. later to purchase the album on Itunes. You know our style here with our artist of the month we show them much love Tour dates,album info,and new videos.. Avery*Sunshine Welcome to Circus Reviews were we love All artist especially Indie Artist... You can learn so much more about Avery*Sunshine on her website

Bursting from an array of musical brilliance, singer / songwriter / pianist AVERY*Sunshine emerges onto the scene with her soon to be released self-titled debut album. Rooted in gospel, she reaches deep into that cornucopia of style and sound and sings a song which articulates the complexities of life with luminous insight. Fluent in many languages from soul and house to classical and hip hop,

AVERY*Sunshine expresses with a voice that speaks boldly and tells a uniquely familiar story…a story about love and loss…healing…and finding the newness of oneself in the midst of it all.

Who is AVERY*Sunshine? “I am a self-proclaimed therapist! I want to start the conversation that will lead to individual healing and in turn will affect our collective healing. Let’s get people talking about their experiences so that we can learn from them, grow from them and more importantly, move on from them.

”AVERY*Sunshine is a native of Chester, PA where she nurtured a natural talent by singing in church and leading and directing choirs. A former member of the renowned Wilmington/Chester Mass Choir, she honed her vocal instrument and sharpened her ability to play piano in her hometown, then headed south to Atlanta, GA where she attended Spelman College. Though far from home, she was never far from her one true love – music. She embodies it. She lives to express through it. But AVERY’s talent couldn’t be contained within the walls and stained glass of the church for very long.

Making her mark on the Atlanta-soul music scene, she and her Spelman sister, Broadway talent Maia Wilson, teamed up to form the singing duo DaisyRew; and later AVERY lent her voice to the soundtrack for Paramount Pictures’ THE FIGHTING TEMPTATIONS. In 2005, she was hired as lead keyboardist for Tyler Perry’s stage play MEET THE BROWNS, and in 2007 she was sought out by vocal great Jennifer Holiday to be choral director for the theatrical production of DREAMGIRLS during the National Black Arts Festival in Atlanta. AVERY*Sunshine recently made history with daily performances at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO and four private events during the 2009 Inauguration of President Barack Obama.

With vocals and lyrics that are thick and strong yet jazzy-smooth, coined ‘jazzgosoul’ by a personal friend, it’s easily recognized that AVERY*Sunshine has been singing all her life. However her sound and her music is perfected in collaboration with her musical partner Dana Johnson, a classically trained guitarist, gifted lyricist, producer and the man behind the tracks. What started in church at a young age has been refined by experience as she stands ready to proclaim her own story with her first CD project. “In the album I sing about my life – being a divorced mother of two, aging, being mean to the person I love. I sing about the possibility of being a single woman – indefinitely; as well as the feeling of being in love with my man before I even meet him. I also sing about the promise of God; the promise that He will never leave me or forsake me. The idea of never being left alone somehow makes things easier to deal with. Burdens seem lighter.”

Intent on shining by sharing her song with the world, AVERY wants you too to give yourself permission to “Get Your Shine On!” Whatever it may be. Are you getting your shine on? Are you using the gifts that God has given you? Are you walking in your calling? “Let’s get started.”

Kelly The New Dance Queen?

With so much going on in Music right now I have to say that I was surprisingly shocked at Kelly Rowland's new album. Having a chance to listen to it fully this weekend has me a true fan of hers. Kelly has completely took her time finding herself and her sound with the last years releases of "when love takes over" and "Commander" it was clear to the world that Kelly taking claim to the dance charts and the European audience as well.

Kelly began 2011 showing off this new sexier image making it clear she hadn't gone anywhere in fact she was working on a New project. Then in April 2011 we all got to hear something very different and sexually charged from Ms.Rowland "Motivation" feat. Lil Wayne. The song grew on the public quickly climbing up on the charts both R&B and Pop. The fire caught fast with the single and people really noticed when fellow DC member released a single to their upcoming album and Kelly's single surpassed it by a long shot by becoming #1 on the R&B charts and in the top 20 on the pop charts her highest honor as a solo artist.

With "Here I am" Kelly starts you off with a Female Anthem your sure to here in the clubs and in the car "I'm That Chick" where she's clearly letting them dudes know that "they can't buy her a ring that she can't buy herself" followed by "Work it man" Well I'm sure you can catch that

Then "Motivation" which always sets a crowd off "and when were done, I don't wanna feel my legs" Come on now...

Then it's a playful track "Lay it on me" Kelly is letting us know she can get it in with the best of them...The next track is another Female anthem "Feeling Me right now" Here Kelly is singing in 3rd person let it be known don't mess up her flow..

Followed up by "Turn it Up" an uptempo joint about forgetting the drama and sip and dance it all away. Next up "All of the night" which is mid tempo ballad style. very hot song. Here is where we finally get a full Ballad from Kelly "Keep it between us" this is a new spin on old skool love songs very mellow and sexy...

Kelly brings you back to the club with her 2010 hit "Commander" this song still has me on my Then we end the standard version With a dance track "Down for whatever"

On the Deluxe Version Kelly goes back to a empowerment Ballad "Heaven & Earth where she is declaring her self worth. Then another dance track "Each Other" Very sexy vibe on this one very mellow but sexy and danceable.It's quite clear this is Kelly's Velvet Rope album where she isn't afraid to go there and have a good time doing it...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Joss Stone: LP1

The ever so Soulful Singer Joss Stone Has released a new album today. This Album is a vocal album with more acoustic driven music. This girl is clearly not a one trick pony let's keep the real music flow going .. Go get this album


I have listened to Kelly's new album and as a fan of her any way it's clear Kelly has found her way and Universal/Motown has brought the full quality out in Kelly. The songs are hot and danceable and her vocals are stronger then they have been on anything she has done in the past. i hope she doesn't agree to a DC reunion just yet her and Michelle need to grow in their own lights a bit longer.. GREAT JOB MS.Kelly... Lady & Gents me the new Dance music Transport and this is where she belongs. There is something on this album for everyone and all you what's her face fans don't Sleep on Miss Rowland... I'll say it again DON'T SLEEP ON MISS ROWLAND!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

We Say Farwell to A misunderstood Talent....AMY WINEHOUSE

Late morning today we learned That Amy Winehouse has passed away. While the cause is still unknown facebook and twitter responded very quickly and a lot shared my thoughts that this was so sick joke but no the news was true and according to E! Amy was dead before the Ambulance reached her home. As we all mourn the lost we all can still hold on the fact that troubled or not she has left her mark in music and the talent lives on.

Amy I will forever Thank you for your Back to Black Album the sounds hit me to the core and still does. I hope you are finally at peace and Happy entertaining in a better place.... RIP xoxoxoxoxoxoxo B.