Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Reality...

Well I guess this means that this is real. After the worst 3 hour show (Tribute) I have seen there was a the reality. Janet Jackson walked out and my heart dropped because as much as I love her and swear she can walk on water. There she was with pain in her eyes,and saddness hanging over her saying that the family selected her to address the fans and thank us for our support. Janet became a reality check for lots of people in the room because there was a hush over the room. I just wanna say that I wasn't moved by most of the show Neyo's performance of Michael's song I loved it and that's all I will say.

Friday, June 26, 2009

With Sadness

I had to wait until I could get my words right. I am so hurt by Michael Jackson's death I like so many of you grew up with his music and music from his family. I recall one of my favorite moments as a kid was that my aunt Vita was such Fanatic and she would travel all over the world to see him and how he was very much a part of her life until her passing some time ago. For me he was an addition to her life that was still her with us and after the news it was almost for me like losing Vita all over again. I will not post any of the lies that has been told and that may be starting. I have so much respect for the Jackson family so I will leave you all with this, Michael is MTV,VH1,ect. he refuse to be told that black people don't go that far. He was a child robbed blind of a childhood to become larger than life and then by the very people who put him there pulled down to be a villain. He will always be the definition of life and success don't any one of you forget that at one point of our lives we wanted to be him..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chris Brown Pleads Out.

Chris Brown pleaded guilty Monday to assaulting Rihanna and the two were ordered to stay away from each other, in a deal that keeps the singer out of prison but requires him to clean up graffiti or roadside trash.
Brown's plea to a felony charge will subject him to substantial scrutiny by probation officials, and the judge's order puts the kibosh on any short-term prospects for reconciliation with his pop diva girlfriend as well..

The guilty plea came before a preliminary hearing was scheduled to start. The hearing had been billed for weeks as a public face-off between the pair, with Rihanna set to testify against her one-time boyfriend..

Instead, Brown averted the potentially damaging meeting by entering a plea that will subject him to probation for the next five years as well as force him to perform six months of community service..

Mark Geragos, Brown's lawyer, said the plea represented the singer taking responsibility for his actions — which included beating, choking and biting Rihanna during a fight early Feb. 8, according to police..

After Brown left the courtroom, Rihanna entered and was addressed by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg, who explained to the Barbados-born singer that she had issued a stay-away order..

Rihanna had not been seeking such an order, but the judge imposed one anyway. The order requires that Brown and Rihanna stay at least 50 yards from each, except at industry events when the distance is reduced to 10 yards..

The judge also told Rihanna it's not a one-way order — and that she, too, shouldn't get any closer to Brown than the order allows..

"This is a kid who's never been in trouble before," Geragos said after the hearing. "He embraces this as chance to get the message out that domestic violence will not be tolerated. He wants to get his life back on track.".

Brown will be formally sentenced on Aug. 5..

Schnegg accepted Brown's plea, but expressed some concerns because Brown is not a California resident. She said Brown likely will be allowed to do his service in his home state of Virginia, but she didn't want him to spend his time at churches or community centers..

Instead, Schnegg ordered Brown to get his hands dirty by doing work equivalent to what he would do in California — clean up grafitti or roadside trash..

She also said he'll have to return to California every three months and attend domestic violence counseling..

Sandi Gibbons, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County district attorney's office, said the terms were in line with what others receive when they are charged with similar crimes and have no prior criminal history..

Brown spoke softly throughout the hearing as he waived his rights and told the judge he understood the gravity of his plea..

"I think it's commendable you took responsibility for your conduct," Schnegg told Brown..

She said she hoped "the terms and conditions of your probation will have some meaning.".

Rihanna spoke briefly, too, telling Schnegg she understood the terms of the stay-away order and that after Brown's sentencing she might ask for its terms to be loosened..

Rihanna, 21, recorded one of 2007's most popular songs with "Umbrella" and has numerous other hits. Her looks have made her a cover girl for magazines, as well as a pitchwoman for Cover Girl cosmetics..

The deal provides an end to a case that sparked intense media interest and severe backlash against Brown. Sponsors and radio stations dropped him, and the singer had to cancel several high-profile appearances, including a performance at the Grammys..

The singer once known for his squeaky-clean image now has a substantial blemish on his record. Brown, 20, rose to fame after the 2005 hit "Run It!" He was nominated for a Grammy for "No Air" with Jordin Sparks and named Billboard's top artist in 2008..

Intense media coverage led to Rihanna being identified as Brown's victim mere hours after the attack. Within weeks, a photo of the singer and model's bruised and battered face was posted on celebrity gossip site TMZ..

The posting sparked an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department into whether one of its own officers leaked the photo to the Web site. Brown's attorney unsuccessfully argued the leak hurt Brown and that he should be granted access to LAPD's investigative files..

Brown recently proclaimed in a video posted to YouTube that he was "not a monster.".

Even after Monday's hearing, lawyers for Brown and Rihanna refused to discuss the status of the pair's relationship..

Brown was arrested hours after police say he hit and threatened Rihanna after leaving a pre-Grammy party in Los Angeles. He was later charged with felony assault likely to produce great bodily harm and making criminal threats..

If convicted, the singer faced sentences ranging up to nearly five years in prison..

After an inital retreat from the public eye, both musicians have gradually appeared in public more frequently. Lately they have been photographed separately, including at a National Basketball Association finals game between the Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Lakers..

But neither has been able to shake the stigma of the court case and return to their usual jobs — making music..

The logistics of Brown's sentence may make it difficult to get back to his job..

"It amounts to a very sweaty house arrest," said Loyola University Law School Professor Stan Goldman, who was in the courtroom. "You have to have the discipline to show up several times a week. How many times will this interfere with a record date or an appearance?"

Monday, June 15, 2009


Hey Guys I have been away for a while but I promise you all that I will be back bigger,better and stronger than ever.

Listen people this is about Relationships 101....

If you are thinking about or have been in relationships then this blog is for you.
OK now I have been chatting with friends and Fam about this for different Views and comments.Now Gay relationships is what I will go into today. MEN are all the same.NOt true. Because you have very different men. You have the sensitive men, You have the Jaded and sensitive men(like Me) you have the bother men (usually 30 and over) You Have the I need attention from any and everybody men. The list goes on...
Most guys meet their guys online which is cool as long as there are some rules with it once the relationship gets started. So You have met a nice dude online. The vibe is there and you like this person over the phone enough to want to meet up. So you meet and the vibe is still there maybe even more so you start talking and listing the things you want (which you should know before hand) and you 2 are on the same page so you all began to talk more and find out different things about each other. Your still in bliss until you realize that you don't know much about this person at all and you keep things going as they are because you figure this is cool we still like each other so your caught up. When you are at this point when the communication has slowed down SPEAK! as the questions you want answered and if there is an issue there then guess what he isn't the right match for you. As hard as it is sometimes to get through to a person if you find that your the only one fighting for your relationship than that is a clear sign that the other party is either not aware of whats going on or HE DOESN'T THINK THIS IS A PROBLEM. However we in this lifestyle don't know when to say when in this case so we keep fighting(for our relationship). Then here comes the other flags(RED) You start to see that this person hasn't taken you anywhere,Hasn't invited you anywhere or wanted to do something out of the house so you SPEAK on it and they say I just like chilling with you or Being with you is all I wanna do or I can't afford to do much(here is when we say well I can pay sometimes)well OK what do you wanna do? Then it seems that they can go everywhere in the world with other people but can't take you anywhere (another Flag) you even go as far as inviting him somewhere and he has Plans(OK after) well I'm not sure what time I'll be done. People,People,People WAKE UP Ur man either is ashamed to be with you or is Ashamed to be seen with you,there is no in between as Gay men we forget the second word in that title "MEN" there hasn't been a horse and carriage,Not too many Happily ever afters,no fantasy land, as men we still gotta think like Men and understand that most them lose there taste for you after 30 days and if they haven't then you must keep doing what your doing because Honesty in MEN for the most part has fell short and you never fully know your now ex until later when you hear a conversation.Like my title saids it's a departure from the world u created in your mind. I always thought when I saw my friends beat down and hurt that i would never be like that here I am many years later looking in the mirror of the once endless smile to a jaded soul. I believe in love and I believe in true happiness however what the reality has shown me and many of us is that relationships never looked so cloudy to us before and we can't always separate fact from Fantasy. With all of this I say Be your true self and if he can't Handel it,it may sting a bit and it may cause you to step back for a while which is fine but make you take an even bigger step forward when your ready. I know it's left field and maybe it hasn't ever been pointed out to you in this manner but there is a Beast within all of us and sometime that Beast can hurt you and sometime he will love you ,however do go running after those pipe dreams dip into the pool of reality sometimes even if the water stays cold all the time..

Take Care,