Monday, May 24, 2010

Fuck Homophobs Issue

With all that has been going on with this years DC Pride and the DC native that has officially put his foot in his mouth for the 4Th time. With the cancellation of of his performance at the convention center (the huge Pride expo)because he was unclear about the event. Now is it me or does seem odd that you are from the DMV and you didn't know that Memorial day weekend is Black Pride??? Hmm. According to Earl Fowlkes it was very clear "Basically we had an agreement, and we were very clear to the different parties and agents involved that this was an LGBT event,'' Fowlkes says.

"What happened is that when the first blast went out that Wale was going to be at Black Pride he got cold feet, and his agent first said Wale wasn't available because he had to do family stuff. Then we got another e-mail saying he didn't know what kind of event this was when he agreed to it.''

But on his Twitter Page as of Wale saids:Wale claimed he didn't know about the cancellation, and that even though he had been told not to respond, he felt compelled to do so, because "anybody who knows me an familiar w/ my music know that I work for PEOPLE..all ppl."

Personally I could care less I am going to Miami and the only time I ever seen or heard of Wale was the MTV Awards (kayne/Taylor swift slack down) and even then I didn't care. This isn't new when these artist gets a taste of the top they go where the churches and politicians go TOO THE GAYS. They hate us all but they will take our money. They Don't stand for us but they will take our money. Get it? Until we make a stand. If you want to know who??? USHER (Were there ever homosexual activities in any of these orgies? That might be a shocking story...

There was women-on-women but never man-on-man. Shit, nowhere near that! Hell no! No one that I ever roll with or would ever roll with would get down like that.via Complex magazine)
Beyonce who seems to be all about the Gays until threes a gay rights issue or cause:

Bennie Man No comment..

50 Cent oh please...
Just to name a few..

Monday, May 10, 2010

Farewell To A real Icon: Ms. Lena Horne

Lena Horne: Jersey jazz artists remember the showbiz legend
By Star-Ledger Staff
May 10, 2010, 6:29PM

Cab Calloway and Lena Horne co-star in the 1943 film 'Stormy Weather.'
By Tris McCall/The Star-Ledger

Lena Horne impressed audiences with her wit, her sophistication, her talent -- and her courage, too.

"Aside from her impeccable musical legacy, we honor her for coming of age in an era that didn't accept her", says jazz guitarist and Saddle River native John Pizzarelli, who testifies to Horne's enduring influence on generations of musicians.

"No matter how she was received -- in Hollywood and elsewhere -- she continued to be marvelous, and she continued to do terrific shows," he says.

Pizzarelli remembers Lena Horne as a trendsetter and groundbreaker: one who went smashing through social barriers, and who, in the process, enlightened her listeners as much as she entertained them.

Ed Berger agrees with the guitarist's assessment.

"She was just as important as a social force and a catalyst as she was in music," says Berger, the associate director of the Rutgers Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers-Newark. "She used her unique position in music to advance her social aims and goals."

Those who worked with Horne remember her strength of character -- and the high standards she set for herself.

"She did things her way, and she knew what she wanted," said Mike Renzi, the musical director of "An Evening With Lena Horne," her 1994 album. The pianist, a one-time Fort Lee resident, recalls introducing a difficult, "talky" song to her. While Horne lacked the technical knowledge to call for a diminished chord, Renzi read her reaction to the unsatisfactory arrangement loud and clear.

I watched stormy weather for the first time last week. I was taken away from how Lena commanded every performance. Her youth and flawless smile made the film that much more special. In today's world you look at these famous little girls who think that they have it needs to take note from Ms. Horne she never had to take it far for everyone to know what a class act and star that she is.

In showboat Ava Gardner was given the part that was suppose to get. However back then people like us weren't really allowed to be on film in such roles so being the classy Lady she was Lena Gave Ava the color tone of Lena's skin so that she could play the role of the "light skinned girl". What a woman, what a Legend..

Monday, May 3, 2010

Stop punishing Chris Brown Issue...

It has been over a year since the Chris Brown and Rhianna situation has happen end and Honestly my personal feeling on this is: THIS IS BULLSHIT! People come on now,Now I am an advocate against domestic violence all the way around but something has never sat right with me ever since he (chris) took his stand and said he wasn't going to get into the whole situation based on privacy between he and Rihanna in which I completely understood. Rihanna also took this approach and went back to Chris numerous times and then with the push of the public and Management decided she wanted to play victim and point the finger at Chris. Again I call BULLSHIT. As we all know by now Rihanna has come off looking and sounding like the last media whore: with the GQ magazine the interviewer tried to get more into the what actually happened that night and her manager cut that part of the interview short: which led me to believe there is something damaging in the story that could shift the tone of how people feel. Where is TMZ when they are needed?? It has always seemed CRAZY to me that everyone who has spoke on this situation has basically said the same thing which is they never seen this side of Chris including Rihanna she also went on to say that she didnt call the police and she really didn't know if she would have at all. Now does that strike you as odd??? It does for me. Both Chris and Rhianna have put out music after this situation and neither can say these albums are huge sellers as their past projects have been. Chris lack of sale had more to do with the negative Press and Oprah (who I love but feel was wrong for putting her two cents in and turn around and have Mike Tyson on her show to explain himself we will get back to this in a moment) Rhianna she put out this crazy ass album where now she comes off as sherra (heman's cousin) with a song like "So Hard" talking like she's a fighter and I'm like where was all this when you in Chris was fighting?? Then "Rude Boy" Talking about pulling hair and is you big enough??? WTF!!! Maybe on that February night the fight was a sex act gone wrong huh? Rhi Rhi? I am just saying People we have given a many free passes to Hardcore Woman beaters and if you don't know then you know I am about to tell you:

Rick James,James Brown,Ike Turner,Roman Polanski,Mike Tyson,BeBe Winans (Oprah homeboy),David ruffin (temptations),Marvin Gaye,Jayz,Dr.Dre,Notorious Big,James debarge,Al Green,Matt kemp (Rhianna's new boo)I could go on but I will stop there. So as I close this let me just say the names up top are Grown ass men and Chris Brown isn't even 21 to suggest that people do not have the power to change means that we should was our hands of second chances and the ability to trust anyone. I think while yes he was wrong in the actions that he admitted to but why does it seem like there is a huge hole in this story and since people have made this our business then get to the bottom of the WHOLE story his part her part and the truth some where in the middle. I hope that people really start to really focus on the right and wrong and whats wrong is Punishing a person for a mistake that they have repetitively apologized for time and time again... DAMN...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The I'm Back BITCHES Issue

It's been a few months I have had to take sometime and cool down from the 2009 Award season. So let's jump right in.

Now I know you all have seen Christina's new video for "Not Myself Tonight" by now and from what I am hearing We like. This video is the reason I love Christina,Like so many of us she has excepted the fact that there are many versions of ourselves and she is not afraid to show any of them. Not to mention her vocals are always on point even on a a track with a hardcore beat she shows all them others how you really do it. Now with every good thing comes one the most craziest things I have heard in a very long time: Christina is trying to be like Lady Gaga??? WTF where in the Hell did this come from??? Wait... Akon!in a recent interview with Vibe magazine (they still print that???) Akon. decided to speak on this subject matter by saying I miss the old christina" *side eyes* which version??? because even in a statement like that you would have to dig into some archives to figure out which version he meant. he also goes on to say He felt Lady Gaga was better..hmmm Last I checked they weren't even in the same genre so there for their music is extremely different. Gaga who I love lyrically more then the package (Presentation over all)because as it has been said what she is doing is recycling Grace Jones ways of the 70's and 80's (Google her).

Grace Jones like Christina is unbothered by people running their mouths. The singer/model/actress and all around legend told the newspaper that the reports were true – Gaga had asked to collaborate with her — but Grace turned Gaga down.

“Yes, she did, but I said no,” Grace said. “I’d just prefer to work with someone who is more original and someone who is not copying me, actually.”

There isn't any one being a HATER fact is fact and the fact is that Gaga and Christina are very different and have nothing to compare except their love for the Gays and Gaga is not the originator of performance art it is GRACE JONES.