Monday, August 10, 2009

The Naked truth Issue...

Hey Peeps the summer is all a buzz of career returns and departures and just hot messes so let's jump right in.

W Wendy Williams Has started and it has been great. It is just what we need in between of the give aways and the drama of good hair/bad hair. Keep up the good work Wendy and Congrats on your induction to the Radio Hall of fame.

Britney Spears has been on a roll with her return to grace. She was honored last night with the "Ultimate Choice Award" on the the Teen Choice awards. Britney love her or hate her she is the top selling artist of the decade. She has sold 83 million records since her debut. She also has the highest grossing tour in 2009 I would have to say that she has made it clear to those who doubted her "It's Britney Bitch" Brit Brit returns back to the states this month for the second leg of her "Circus Tour"

Janet has finally joined the twitter world @janetjackson. She has recently tweeted about finishing a film and about to start working on a new album. is finally back up and running also it looks as if 2010 will be the year of Ms.Jackson Why did I get Married too comes out, her book will come out and her new album with the help of Terry & Jam looks like the dream team is back without distractions. Work it out Ms. Jackson.

Mariah Mariah is starting to fall from grace after that wack ass song about Eminem. Word is that they may put it on hold without a release date in sight. I personally feel That she needs to be locked in a room and with her old music piped in to remind her why she is who she is today not responding to things that don't matter. Get it together Mimi!