Monday, June 15, 2009


Hey Guys I have been away for a while but I promise you all that I will be back bigger,better and stronger than ever.

Listen people this is about Relationships 101....

If you are thinking about or have been in relationships then this blog is for you.
OK now I have been chatting with friends and Fam about this for different Views and comments.Now Gay relationships is what I will go into today. MEN are all the same.NOt true. Because you have very different men. You have the sensitive men, You have the Jaded and sensitive men(like Me) you have the bother men (usually 30 and over) You Have the I need attention from any and everybody men. The list goes on...
Most guys meet their guys online which is cool as long as there are some rules with it once the relationship gets started. So You have met a nice dude online. The vibe is there and you like this person over the phone enough to want to meet up. So you meet and the vibe is still there maybe even more so you start talking and listing the things you want (which you should know before hand) and you 2 are on the same page so you all began to talk more and find out different things about each other. Your still in bliss until you realize that you don't know much about this person at all and you keep things going as they are because you figure this is cool we still like each other so your caught up. When you are at this point when the communication has slowed down SPEAK! as the questions you want answered and if there is an issue there then guess what he isn't the right match for you. As hard as it is sometimes to get through to a person if you find that your the only one fighting for your relationship than that is a clear sign that the other party is either not aware of whats going on or HE DOESN'T THINK THIS IS A PROBLEM. However we in this lifestyle don't know when to say when in this case so we keep fighting(for our relationship). Then here comes the other flags(RED) You start to see that this person hasn't taken you anywhere,Hasn't invited you anywhere or wanted to do something out of the house so you SPEAK on it and they say I just like chilling with you or Being with you is all I wanna do or I can't afford to do much(here is when we say well I can pay sometimes)well OK what do you wanna do? Then it seems that they can go everywhere in the world with other people but can't take you anywhere (another Flag) you even go as far as inviting him somewhere and he has Plans(OK after) well I'm not sure what time I'll be done. People,People,People WAKE UP Ur man either is ashamed to be with you or is Ashamed to be seen with you,there is no in between as Gay men we forget the second word in that title "MEN" there hasn't been a horse and carriage,Not too many Happily ever afters,no fantasy land, as men we still gotta think like Men and understand that most them lose there taste for you after 30 days and if they haven't then you must keep doing what your doing because Honesty in MEN for the most part has fell short and you never fully know your now ex until later when you hear a conversation.Like my title saids it's a departure from the world u created in your mind. I always thought when I saw my friends beat down and hurt that i would never be like that here I am many years later looking in the mirror of the once endless smile to a jaded soul. I believe in love and I believe in true happiness however what the reality has shown me and many of us is that relationships never looked so cloudy to us before and we can't always separate fact from Fantasy. With all of this I say Be your true self and if he can't Handel it,it may sting a bit and it may cause you to step back for a while which is fine but make you take an even bigger step forward when your ready. I know it's left field and maybe it hasn't ever been pointed out to you in this manner but there is a Beast within all of us and sometime that Beast can hurt you and sometime he will love you ,however do go running after those pipe dreams dip into the pool of reality sometimes even if the water stays cold all the time..

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