Monday, July 20, 2009


Ok readers After running all over the place and transfering jobs. Chile Now I am gonna start this issue with some mess I have been hearing around the net.BEYONCE WILL NEVER BE MICHAEL JACKSON! Now some of her fans have decided to try to put her in a place of next in line but the young chippies fail to understand that Michael Jackson WILL NEVER BE REPLACED so don't hurt yourself B trying to lift yourself to that unreachable level. Speaking of MJ he has dominated the comtempt.Album charts with albums all up in the top 30 including the no.1 spot.

Wendy Williams returns to the national scene in her new talk show as of July 13th to some great ratings.So Wendy I guess the only question is "How U doin?"

The Emmy Nominations (primetime) 2009 have come out and shocked there was no nod for Jill Scott for no.1 ladies detective agency and not one for true blood either hmph sad.

So as if life wasn't bad enough I have just learned that there will be a Scream 4 I mean dayum didn't we kill everyone who else is left???WTF

But on a lighter note the is also a new Final destination movie and this on e is in
3D it looks really good and scary I guess the only question I have for u is Do u Dare??

Whitney's New album cover is the best I have ever seen of her she looks so refreshed and ready plus the new song she sings and you can feel her again. Her vocals have clearly changed but to be fair she has gotten older and when you get older as a singer sometimes you have readjust ur vocals because ur unable to hit certain notes. When I will always love you came out she was pregers which helped he belt out that song so lighten up haters.

My Summer Album is going to have to be Maxwell's Black summer night's I have
missed his voice it makes your thought's of someone increase He claimed the no.1 spot and it is well deserved...Welcome back sir

well that's the WTF news of month


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lol anytime

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I FU***N LOVE THE FINAL DESTINATION SERIES and this one is gonna be so SICK!!!! seriously can't wait...totally underated flick..