Monday, November 22, 2010

studio packages killed the music industry...

Hey Guys!
Missed everyone so much. Thanks to Andreflava for keeping me in the blog light. Now I wouldn't be me if I didn't go in on the forgetable AMA's I will start at the top.

Rhianna- While her performance wasn't bad it was not that great either.. She needs to take a break.

Usher- OMG!I think it's funny how one song made his career comeback. His performance was very weak and he seemed out of it.

Xtina- I lov Love Love Love her however I am not sure if she is depressed or Preggers again.

Taylor Swift- Show cased her new single and that was cool but on everyone's tongue was Her new look "grown and sexy" and did not know tha she has the fastest selling album in 5 years.

The Awards have offically gone in the books as the worst year in history. No one was there and the performances were like a rehersal. I am really concerned of what we hold to Good Music. This award show is a joke Bring back the Billboard Awards hey were atleast based on something I am so not sure how some of these people win these awards it's just sad. There is no excitment in the industry anymore as a music lover I cling to yesterdays music to keep faith that it will get better. Pop music was always fun and meant for everyone now it's like we are less about great quality music and more images and studio creations. So Artist like: Rhianna, Niki Minaj,Jason Darulo, Ashante,Kesha,American Idol,... Have shown that all you have to do is look half way decent slap some make up and designer clothes on them carry atune and puff u have a hit WTF!!!

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