Thursday, February 3, 2011


There has been a public out pour of support to revive the show Noah's Arc and I share part that the show was taken off the air too soon but shouldn't we demand more reality instead of falsehood? I watched the show as a form of entertainment but there were so many people I knew that really thought of the images shown were real. What I saw was a black gay sex and the city and while there was nothing wrong with that shouldn't we as Gay black men demand more variety??? We aren't all the same, we don't feel the same about things but what we all mainly want is to be respected. The movie came out and people ran through cities trying to find where it was playing and I was disappointed but then again with the way the show was going anyway I should have expected not but what it was. Noah and Wade are married so whats left to explore? Are they now going to adopt a baby like Alex and tre??? I mean really people ask yourself,Hasn't the story been told to the point where we can move on? Can't we develope new Black gay stories and movies where were are more inclusive of who we all are as gay men?

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