Sunday, March 13, 2011

Early Review Of Britney Spears New Album

With the smash hit "Hold it Against me" And a even bigger love it or hate it Video to match up. Britney Has released yet another single Bound to be equally a hit "Till The world Ends" So late last night I got an email that said "Britney's Album leaked" Now 5 years ago this would have been and issue but these days not so much. I think this was incredibly smart for them to do especially since most of her pre-orders are already in and album due out in about a week. I am going to Love this album because the vibe has been set by Spears in her HIAM video where she has battled her old self far too long and finally she is ready to put it all to rest and start a new with her 7th Album fantasticly titled "Femme Fatal" where Britney seems to be head for a darker yet sexier vibe which Rhianna tried and failed with her Rated R Album. What seperates Brit from the countless others who are trying to stay fresh and current i.e. Beyonce.. She came hard first with a sick under ground beat and her signature catchy lyrics but they have clearly matured. "Till The world ends" Is a song that reminds me of a person who let so much get in their way and they hit a club for the first time in a while and doesn't leave the floor till the club closes or in other words "till the world ends". Welcome Brit to where she belongs in the middle of the dance floor with the world dancing around her.

Let's Not forget the Brit has had 4 single's in a row debut on the billboard charts coming in second to Mariah Carey So don't sleep on B.Spears yall ...5 dance stars.....

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