Tuesday, May 31, 2011

B In The Mix: Sizzle 2011

Ahhh yesss.. The sexy city of MIA was enough for me this weekend but to add to the appeal was Sizzle X. An event that celebrated 10 years of being one of the hottest Pride events of the holiday weekend. I attended this year with several friends from the DMV and ATL most was our second time and the others were first timers. As Sizzle kicked off it seemed as though we were in for a fantastic weekend. First up was the fashion of Andrew Christian/Sizzle swimwear and sports wear which was a great show I'll have to check them out. Then to Club Mekka which compared to last year wasn't as pumped as I remembered which was still cool got my life,even though they played Beyonce every 20 mins. But whatever. The Pool party had all the hotties with the Bodies well some of them. Saturday was also the day we waited in line for AQUA the show at Soho studios however for some reason the line wouldn't move and they weren't letting people in so we left and headed to club Boi which was cool and cheaper. Then Sunday to the Beach and the sights there and well if your on my FB friends I will post more pics soon. All in all I had a fantastic time and LOVED my hotel (The Epic)met some great people and got to bound with my friends. I have one more thing to add: I need for those who NEVER been to Sizzle to stop labeling it as a huge sex party. It really pisses me off that just because you can't afford,or your not quite there with yourself stop hatin' on everyone who can ok..... Thanx B.

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