Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Aaliyah: A true One In A Million

Wow 10 Years and I am sitting here feeling about the same way I felt that Aug.25Th 2001 maybe even worst. I woke up on that day I believe it was a Sunday and I was so happy because Madonna's "Drowned World Tour" was coming on HBO when I got a Phone call asking if I was OK. Confused about the statement I answered "Yes,I'm fine why do you ask?" "I just saw on the News Aaliyah died in a Plane crash" I gasp and frantically went to MTV (Nothing) kept looking and there on CNN was a picture of a dismembered plane and it stated on the headline "R&B singer Aaliyah dies at 22" My heart fell to the floor and I got just enough air to tell them I would call them back and I locked my door and laid there. I had never lost one of my favorite famous people before I cried to myself for a bout an hour and thought I had thought this in my head or some sick joke but it wasn't the radio was playing all her music. I was OK until they played "journey to the past' and once again I lost it. 18 years old and feeling so hurt. As the years went on I was bothered by this date but not like this year. 10 years it has been and I still feel sadness every time I hear her music or see her videos. I smile anytime I hear "Young Nation" Because it reminds me that she really helped define real feelings of us old enough to remember. It was a great feeling to know that what we thought we were feeling was absolutely the truth... Now 28 I am happy to have her as One of my favorite people and her music is apart of the soundtrack to my life... Thank you Aaliyah for being an original and showing us true talent a standard to truly live by. I miss you Our One In A Million

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