Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Brazil Talks About Sizzle

So it has been a few weeks and I am finally able to sit down and talk to you all about how sizzle was, and What I feel about the haters and the crazy mess between Miami Vs DC. So I along with 2 friends went to Sizzle 2012 and had a great time. With all of the people,drinks,Clubs,food and networking Sizzle was definitely the place to be, I won't go into details because most of you want dirt and it's funny because have none to share. I am going to explain to you all haters that Sizzle is not a sex fest, however if you want that it is available to you as it is at your home or where ever the hell you go, It is also not not a place where "Fags" go look in the mirror people there is nothing worst the self hate. What it is,is a way out an escape if you will from all the repeating dryness from your reality. Sizzle is one of a few places you can go and be apart of unity and self love as well as a piece of mind (it is Miami) with clear water,warm weather and best of all NO WORK OR DRAMA. I could count on my hands and toes of the people who have said once I mention Sizzle "I don't do that, or I am not dealing with all them queens" etc. Then I think to myself then out loud: "Bitch.. you do the gay pride world tour and your going off on MIAMI?! You Run to Philly,DC,ATL but for some reason Miami Sizzle is the worst. hmmm. Then I ask. "Have you ever been"? Typical response is "No, But I heard it was messy" Of course and that came from a person who went to be the center of attention like they are at home but they wasn't living for you type person. Of course we all like attention but it's sad that most Haters of Sizzle or anything out of their element is such a horrible thing. It makes me laugh at people who are so afraid of trying something new. Sure their are bodies,cuties,and next to nothing outfits it's hot and it's MIAMI.. I don't understand how there is such a war over Memorial Weekend from DC VS Miami??? I mean Really? Let's look at the facts. Let's take both events away. DC our Nations Capital- Monuments,Museums,So So Clubs,Restaurants..hmmmm on your average day of any day these things can be done and are. Miami-Great weather,Beaches,Resorts,great food,Beautiful people,exclusive clubs..I'll stop there anymore questions? I'm not downing DC because from what I heard they really kicked it up a few notches, However let's be honest it lost it's grip years and began to get repetitive. Yes it was cool this year, but what about next year? Can they keep this up? or was this smoke and mirrors to get you there. Even if Sizzle wasn't up to par Miami has so much more to offer to make up for it. Dwight Powell Has created the perfect event in a city that's already HOT and the best thing is all clubs are within walking distance and if your not a walker there are shuttles to and from. I mean what more could you ask for and it's not all about clubs there are actual events and I don't mean a day in the park either. I'm talking Booze Cruise,White Party,Haulover Beach,and Para sailing and Jet skiing.. So I ask you where is the Beef. The Pricing of clubs are the same as the are in any other cities for Pride events Between 30-40 dollars and no you don't have to go to anything you don't want too your not even obligated to buy VIP passes or to go to clubs as reported we chose to and every club we went too was packed and not empty some clubs even closed at 9am. So you see with every lie told to you about Sizzle here is my Truth about it for the past 3 years and yes it cost some dollars but what vacation that's worth it doesn't cost... Damn they do have payment plans. So now it has said I care not that I live in the DMV area Sizzle get's my vote HANDS DOWN... Keep doing your thing Dwight.. It means that much more that even through the hate you still bring the fire to MIAMI...

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