Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Are you as excited as I am? I mean it has been forever.. I was excited about the Miami episode ,However it left me kind of scratching my head. So Yes. The series returns April 17th and it's the Perfect timing too since Scandal season is ending early. That's a whole other entry but anyway, With their campaigns for a second season I am very happy to see that we as the fans supported this show which should be on TV in which is their over all goal an effort I am supporting 100% and you should as well.

I am interested to see what becomes of Cam,X and Tony. Who does Cam choose? if anyone. Or Ray and Niko where did they go? You see it completely draws you in and I like so many others will be glued to the screen looking for answers.If That's not enough to pull you in... The Cast.. EYECANDY...Now I have my own favorites but I won't say.. But they have also added a few newbies to the bunch. Ugh.. I so wanna do this show.. but again that's another entry... So watch this show.. It's worth it.

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