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Circus Reviews Best Albums Of 2014

2014 Was no doubt a interesting year for music... Only one album to date has gone Platinum and That honor goes to Taylor Swift "1989"
though I am not generally a fan of Taylor I must say I was moved to buy this album because of a song I heard her perform " Out Of The Woods" Officially I had no choice as a music fan to go buy it... However number wise it may not have been a good year for music but it definitely had some incredible artist with some incredible music. Some are favorites and some you may not have heard of before...

The Surprises

Teyana Taylor 7- with very little promotion this album took social media by storm (The only reason I knew it was out) and was pleasantly surprised by the vibe of the album... Mos def cover to cover.

K.Michelle Anybody Wanna Buy A heart?- The thing with K. is she sings from her feelings, Like Taylor Swift break ups inspire and life brings passion. always safe for me to buy with or without a single ,However I was sold with her performance on "The Wendy Williams Show" Of "Maybe I should Call" Cover To Cover album....

J.cole Forest Hill Drive- This album right here is Real Hip hop at it's best Cole really taps into the mind and really getting people to think. This is possibly one of the best hip Hop albums in a while

D'Angelo and The Vanguard Black Messiah- All I can say about this album right here is, If this a what's in store for 2015.. I'm ready the long awaited album from D'Angelo after 14 years shows growth and Skills.

Mary J. Blige The London Session- The Queen of Hip Hop Soul shows major growth with this album. Working with producers she has never worked with before and still giving you that Mary Flair. I really enjoy this album here it gives you a bit of everything. The song "Therapy" is my favorite song...

Nick Jonas Nick Jonas- Who Knew that the youngest JoBro would be the finest and the Breakout star... Not Me... But The song "Jealous" caught of all off guard so having checked out the full album I was instantly turned into a fan....

Annie Lennox Nostalgia- After being apart of Music culture for decades and putting her stamp on feminist Anne comes back in a way only she could with her strong version of covers.

Jessie J. Sweet Talker- I have been a fan of Jessie for a while and extremely happy she has gotten her due. "Bang Bang" and the follow up "Burning up" showcases her writing and her vocals .... Girl Blows

Boyz II Men Collide- I don't care if they sang the Alphabets their voices are better than ever and you know exactly what your getting with them. People slept on this album but honestly you should have this in your collection.

Tony Bennett &Lady GaGa Cheek to cheek- AMAZING... of course Tony is legend but GaGa showcases range a serious departure from her Mother Monster persona and she remains herself but the vocals are amazing she was made for these standards fantastic album...

Jennifer Hudson JHUD- Most will disagree with me as this album is on this list, But Jennifer clearly had A LOT of fun with this album it shows through the music. It's a throwback that late 70's early 80's vibe and she did an amazing job.The whole album is on my workout playlist...

Chris Brown X- This album here Chris goes in the music his vocals his collaborations. After all he had been through by the time the album came out it was refreshing to she he had lost his step..

Barbra Streisand Partners- Is there really anything you can hate about a Streisand album ... Nope and with this one she collaborated with some fantastic men. Her vocals are timeless and the collaborators kept up with her quite nicely as well as her very own son Jason.

U2 Songs Of Innocence- Most were upset about this being downloaded in their cloud by Apple but I listened to it and LOVED it. ordinarily I wouldn't bother with U2 even though I have loved a few of their songs over the years but this album was socially aware and thought provoking. (In which an album is supposed to do)

Jhene Aiko Souled Out- Now I haven't been a fan of hers before this album. Many tried to push her on to me but then I listed to this album and the emotions of the lyrics the vibe of the album I couldn't deny it if I tried..

Lenny Kravitz Strut- Lenny is and always will be a Rock Legend there is nothing he can't do. With this album he gives you the Power of his Guitar in "Sex" If you are true to rock music or just love different music this album is for you.

Common Nobody's Smiling- Common taps into the mind and gives you a true Hip Hop album that leaves you feeling like you have just been schooled ...

Sia 1000 forms of fear- Everyone knows "Chandelier" But has been around for quite sometime working with many musical artist. I am glad she is finally getting her due as well the album gives you raw emotions with a Sick Beat.... Love Love Love this album

Kylie Minogue Kiss Me Once- Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Kylie. This album was no different. Kylie always manages to top herself with each album. Although she is known around the world her music doesn't get much airplay here in the states but I urge people to check her out. Her lead single "Into The Blue" gives you a very Kylie experience.

Leelah James Fall for you- The Pint size R&B diva gives it to you on this album with that huge voice of hers. Deemed an Under rated artist Leelah gives you an album with the right promotion and backing could change the game quickly... Just saying

Jennifer Lopez AKA- I'm not sure where this album went wrong as far as PR but this album gives you JLO at her best embracing different styles of music working with different producers and Oh she gives the Kids a beat with "TENS"

Jason Derulo Talk Dirty- This Album was a Shock to me ... Because I liked him but never cared to buy anything from him before until "Otherside" where we saw a very different side of him and vocally experimenting loved it. So when The album dropped I had to get it was very happy with my purchase.

George Michael SYMPHONICA- Of course George would be on my list I absolutely love him and this album was kind of out of no where but no doubt a fantastic return for him. With a Live album of New Music... Love it and a fantastic Idea

Pharrell Williams Girl- Outside of the No Chocolate girls on his album cover The album showcase Pharrell The artist in which he had tried before with limited success but this was the Year of Pharrell and it all started with a little song called "Happy"

BabyFace &Toni Braxton Love ,Marriage & Divorce- A musical Power couple that gave you Raw emotions from finding Love to losing Love. It was Great to have them both back on the Charts as well as a full album of them motivating each other...

Syleena Johnson Couples Therapy- Syleena has always been under rated and she herself knows that. However with this Album she digs deep into a struggling marriage and what the emotional roller coaster is to save it. She has that soulful voice for you to follow..

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