Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Star Is Born REMAKE #4????

Ok By now we all Know That I am not a fan of Beyonce' With that being said it should also come to most that I am a HUGE classic movie fan and I am hearing something that disturbs me two folds. 1) They are remaking one of my all time favorite movies "A star Is Born" and 2) Beyonce is set to star in a monumental film. To catch some of you up to speed who don't know. This film has been done 3 previous times . The First Starred Janet Gaynor (1937) Where you had a up and coming actress fall for a star. The roles were reversed when she became the star and he was washed up and couldn't handle it.

The second starred Judy Garland With the same general story line only this version was a musical. The Third was Done by Streisand and this story added a bit of a spin where an up and coming singer falls for a rock star but the same story over all. I say all of this to say this Beyonce is NOT an actress I understand wanting to branch out but perfect your craft first or just stay in your lane. I am sure the Hive will disagree with me here but seriously the names of the actresses who have done this role before her she doesn't hold a match to them and this film doesn't need to be redone.. Do I need to remind you all of "Obsessed"??? Dreamgirls she was ok because well she played herself. Cadillac records... No comment

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