Friday, August 26, 2016

Ladies and Gents... I Give You Grown And Sexy Britney Spears

With the new release of "Glory" We aren't Getting bubble gum pop princess Britney, Oh no We are getting the Britney That the "Blackout" album gave us a peek of. Yes Our Girl has put on those big girl pants and snapped her fingers and asked " Are You Ready"? This album gives you a complete grown version of the evolution of Ms. Spears.

With the single "Make Me" we hear soft but in charge vocals where she is clear speaking to whomever about getting it in. However we have other tracks like "Clumsy" "Do You Wanna Come Over" "Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) &" "Liar" Just to name a few.

This is an Mid To Uptempo album where you can let play cover to cover. You can Tell she took her time with this as it took her 2 years to record it. No Doubt Grown and sexy Brit will Grace the stage when she returns to Vegas, However Before that she will be on stage at This Sunday's VMA's On MTV.... My recommendation is If you LOVED The "Blackout" Album as I do. Then this album is a great follow up to That. Actually It would be a mix of Blackout,Femme, and Britney Jean... Check it out I'm giving it a 4/5 and spend the extra Money on The Deluxe Album.....

1. "Invitation"
Britney Spears Julia Michaels Justin Tranter Nick Monson
Monson Mischke[a]
2. "Make Me..." (featuring G-Eazy)
Spears Matthew Burns Joe Janiak Gerald Gillum
Burns Mischke[a]
3. "Private Show"
Spears Carla Marie Williams Tramaine "Young Fyre" Winfrey Simon Smith
Winfrey Mischke[a]
4. "Man on the Moon"
Jason Evigan Ilsey Juber Phoebe Ryan Sterling Fox Marcus Lomax
Evigan Dan Book[a] Pat Thrall[a]
5. "Just Luv Me"
Daniel Omelio Magnus August Høiberg Michaels
Cashmere Cat Robopop Mischke[a]
6. "Clumsy"
Talay Riley Warren "Oak" Felder Alex Niceforo
Felder Alex Nice Mischke[a]
7. "Do You Wanna Come Over?"
Mattias Larsson Robin Fredriksson Michaels Tranter Sandy Chila
Mattman & Robin 3:22
8. "Slumber Party"
Larsson Fredriksson Michaels Tranter
Mattman & Robin Mischke[a]
9. "Just Like Me"
Spears Michaels Tranter Monson
Monson Mischke[a]
10. "Love Me Down"
Evan Kidd Bogart Andrew Goldstein Jesse St. John Jessica Karpov
Goldstein Mischke[a]
11. "Hard to Forget Ya"
Oscar Görres Ian Kirkpatrick Brittany Coney Denisia Andrews Edward Drewett
Görres Kirkpatrick[b] Mischke[a]
12. "What You Need"
Spears Williams Winfrey Smith
Winfrey Mischke[a]

13. "Better"
Spears Michaels Tranter Michael Tucker
Bloodpop Mischke[a]
14. "Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)"
Larsson Fredriksson Michaels Tranter
Mattman & Robin Mischke[a]
15. "Liar"
Evigan Breyan Isaac Danny Parker Nash Overstreet
Evigan 3:16
16. "If I'm Dancing"
Kirkpatrick Simon Wilcox Chantal Kreviazuk
Kirkpatrick Mischke[a]
17. "Coupure Électrique"
Spears Lance Eric Shipp Nathalia Marshall Rachael Kennedy
Shipp Mischke[a]

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