Monday, December 8, 2008

This weeks reviews


This album was a complete waist of time. I recall being in a friends car listening to Bday for ever in a day and the beats kept sounding alike and it was missing depth. I am... Sasha Fierce is like a bunch of songs that was on the cutting room floor from Bday and of course all of her club scene people love this album and according to some of them this is her best album EVER, Guess there is no room for her to go from here huh? I give it 1.5 stars and that's because it's christmas....

Circus Britney Spears

Now I like so many others out there brought Blackout and found that it was hot.. Now circus comes after Brit went through some emotional issues. It looks like she has started to find her way with this album. Womanizer was a fast hit by her signature catchy lyrics and very visual video to it as well. With the album as you go through it you will find hot tracks like: Phonography, which is a very different approach to a phone sex type of song, Kill the lights which Brit let's all of here haters that she doesn't have to deal with your shit, Circus which is the title track and her new single great song, Also she has some softer music as well like out from under which speaks for it's self. I think Brit is on her way to her path back on top. I give this album 4.5 stars pick up the album and you will see.


Cadillac Records

Now I am just going to start by saying COLUMBUS SHORT, JEFFERY WRIGHT if you don't know their names then you need to. This movie was good not great but good. If you like historical movies or have a strong love for the blues then this is a great movie for you to see. Jeffery Wright (Muddy Waters) was the main character along with Adrian Brody (Lenard Chess) and Columbus Short (little Walter) and they played these roles with everything they had and it was definately Oscar worthy performances and the Buzz that Beyonce gets for her role as Etta James is just that Buzz but not for an oscar... Sorry she is almost not relivent to the story at all and all of her lines could have fit on one sheet of paper. She lacks the depth that it takes to play a person (real) with lots of issues. She also needs to probably take smaller roles until she can carry herself with vet actors ,she's just not ready and at this point with a number of films under her belt she may never be. This film was more made for HBO movie of the week then a motion picture however Jeffery and Columbus were Great and need to be reconized by the acadamy. This movie gets 3.5 stars


Sean Penn has done it once again with MILK. He plays the first openly gay man to be elected to public office. Penn goes there in everyway he puts aside himself and becomes Harvey Milk a city supervisor who was assasinated by the former city supervisor and later to go on trial the famous "twinkie defense" I was deeply moved by this performance and by the numbers of box offices sales it is holding it's own. MILK is playing in 99 theaters and it's opening week hit number 10 in the box office and this week at 11 with very little promotion talk about a movie that sells itself. This movie get's 5 stars


thegayte-keeper said...

LOVE the critique of Beyonce's movie/album...I think we get so caught up in what seems like fun that we forget what REAL music sounds like and don't get me started on her NON acting abilities...Britney ummm she is so NOT ready to back, I guess when you owe the studio a do over you have to do it over...MILK I will probably get to see this movie on HBO or something because I am 99% sure it won't be coming here

OTTI said...

There's criticism & then there's just hating! When you can actually say something about the arrangement of her tracks, or something about her vocals you are criticising - when all you can say is the album 'was a total waist (incorrect spelling) of time' then you're just plain hating.

Fortunately, there isn't just one standard for good music & going by Bee's sales & billboard performance i'd say she's pretty good by most standards. She works hard & even though acting is not her strong forte her music is undeniably good - try to appreciate that

R.Samuels said...

I review based on myself and things that I like and do not like. I have serious love for music and movies that extend from classics to some current artist as well. If I feel that something is not worth the buy then I will say so. I love all the comments and please keep them coming.