Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Movie Reviews

Ok I been busy with the holidays and going to movie after movie. The Golden Globes are a little less then 2 weeks away and so I got you covered with the reviews the top honors so far. Now I have to start with shocking surprise film to be that I just adored.

Milk I was shocked at how Sean Penn was able to put himself aside and dive straight into Harvey Milk. I have to say that it was refreshing to see a film that was about a gay character and it was secondary to who and what Harvey was. I can see in this film why Sean Penn has been held as one of the top actors of today.

Doubt was extremely dark and really had you thinking a bit. The one time stage play accomplished the unthinkable in a non-musical by Meryl Streep. If you are Catholic (a strong catholic)then this may upset you with the subject matter.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button has to be by far Brad's Best film yet this thought provoking story takes you on a ride but backwards. You will be touched by his life and pain in the later years. for 2 hours 48mins I was captured by the entire cast. People go see this movie....

Well that's all folks Happy New Year and chat with you after the Globes..

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