Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So Help Me God!

I watched yesterday as Barack H.Obama raised his hand and took oath for office. I saw happy faces, a day full of love and compassion. I also felt like I could finally take a deep breath because as a young black man I felt that the flag that I use to pleadge too was finally mine to wave. I felt that the beginning of the dream that Dr. King once had was finally starting to show true. As I am 25 yrs old. I remember reading about the civil rights movement and the anger I had once I saw the series "Roots" I really feel like the blood,sweat and tears that I shell out at work and everything that I work hard for are really apart of this country. Bill O The clown of fixed news repoted that JayZ and Young Jeezy said some choice words about Bush and they had no cut cards and I agree with them. (Fuck Bush and all his followers... Bye you bitch ass) I also want to call out the asshole with the camera phone who taped it and emailed it to fixed news.

In Movie News:

Notorious opened last friday at #4 with 21.5 millon dollars.

People I am telling you Angela Bassett can do no wrong however this movie was the worst. With respect to Big's Mom I think that a story that a mother tells should never be touched however when a there is too many people involved who was included in the film ie. Diddy it seemed to me his character came out smelling like a rose when we've heard stories of what things were really like. I felt that there was more drama to this movie then there needed to be when Big was around I was a fan still am. I felt that the books and now the movie was all too much not really away to be remembered. This is a DVD Movie... Ps. oscar Nominations comes out tomorrow... I have my pics do you?

In Music News:

My Girl Britney Has done it one more time. Sources Have told me that her new Single "If u Seek Amy" Has pissed off the Parents Tv Council. They feel that the song is too suggestive. They have made so much noise about it that people have been downloading this song left and right she is on her way to multi-platnium it's Britney bitches.

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