Monday, November 23, 2009

AMA's Wrap Up....

I like so many of you watched the AMA's and I gotta tell you I was Happy to see alot of my Diva's back and on top,but like so many things there is always a few head scratching moments. So Let" dig in Shall we???

JANET,JANET,JANET.... OMG! Now that my dear Beyonce is how you perform. There are several thing's with Janet that people have tried to pick apart like her weight and my response to that is "SHE STILL SHUT THAT SHIT DOWN" Her age my response to that is "43 AND STILL SCHOOLING THEM NEW GIRLS HOW TO PUT ON A SHOW" janet showed last night that she hasn't gone anywhere! Times have changed and Janet remains on top of her shit. Album sales haven't been up to her level of back in the day but that is mainly due to the globe not honoring our Icons. Other artist sales haven't been the same but they still shut it down..

BLACK EYED PEAS... 6months at #1 and they kept the show floating. They came heavy with theatrics and it was truely a hot performance..

Lady GaGa... Say what you will about her ,but the bitch is bad. There is nothing boring about a GaGa performance although I believe that Madonna is Irreplacible I feel that GaGa is the closet to a replacement as we will ever get.

Shakira,Shakira... OK now her "Shewolf" dropped today and that song she performed last night "Give it up to me" Is FIRE and Once she get's the art of sing and dancing down Beyonce is in trouble.. She stole from Shakira and Shakira as stealing it right back.

It is always good to see The Idols and their staying power who were all great and Adam Lambert already has controvery "Very sexual performance" Good Job Adam..

>>>>>>>>>>>Message To Rihanna<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

If you want people to believe that you have no hate for Chris Brown then you need not to put out such a dark,hateful style of an album. I understand pushing the line but come on you have really made this fan of yours scratch my head. Maybe you should go to therapy and talk out your issues first then come back. We will be here for you when you do.

Taylor Swift.... Cleaned up at the awards proving that she is clearly The artist of the year over Beyonce. For those people who do not know about Ms. Swift here is something helpful for you all to understand :According to Big Machine Records, Taylor swift has sold over 10 million albums, and her current album "Fearless" as of January 2009 had sold over 4.1 million... "Fearless" has been on Billboard's hot 200, most often in the top 10 for 44 weeks.

BTW: Taylor Swift's "Fearless" was the best selling album of 2008, based on The Nielsen SoundScan totals cover sales made between Dec. 31, 2007, and Dec. 28, 2008.

Whitney... She won AMA's highest honor "International artist of the year award" with 107 millon albums sold worldwide and also delivered a great performance of "Didn't Know My Own Strength" From her Album "I Look To You" She looked great and sounded great and with everything she has gone through I still love her just the same.

Michael Jackson... He won 3 awards last night and it is great how he has managed to come back full circle to the love he once knew it's Just sad that he's not here to see and feel all of this..

Award season has kicked off with Beyonce trailing far behind and it's about time That girls are coming to put that BITCH back in her place...

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It was an interesting night...