Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Naked Truth Issue...

Sup Guys.. It's been a little while so we are going to Jump right in... My Girl Janet released her #1's album today and of course I got mine. The CD is 2 disc and has video edits on there which I love (the dance break down to ALL FOR YOU) Go support The ICON cuz nobody does it like her.

Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce... Of Course she releases a video the same day that Janet's album comes out but WHATEVER!!! The topic today is not about why people like her my statement that I make tonight is very simple: As a gay man I have grown with many loved females performers and as an 80's child I had alot.. Diana,Cher,Tina,Grace,Janet,Madonna ect. All of which have personally supported their "Gay following" They have attended Charity events, Performed at Pride events, took Personal stands on Gay/Gay friendly issues. This has brought me to the conclusion that of all the time that Beyonce has stood for NO GAY ISSUES only thing she has done was in the song "Get Me Body" the line "Snap for the Kids" that's all no Pride events or nothing. Whitney and Janet Have performed @ NYC Gay Pride. I posed the question on Facebook and Twitter Just to see if I was missing something her cult like fans of course came with "She doesn't have to stand for anything out loud her music is for the Gays". I then thought about Prop 8 and how everyone from Music to Hollywod came out on how it was a violation of Cilvil rights and she said Nothing No support on the No H8 campain either. Britney who was on tour at the time Tweeted " Love is Love" simple but you know where she stands. My question to those who read my blog is How can you SUPPORT SOMEONE THAT DOESN'T SUPPORT YOU????


Ann said...

I agree. It is so important that the people in the limelight take a stand regarding what they believe because some of us who aren't in the limelight can't. It just takes one endorsement from a big star to change some people's minds are big issues and Beyonce has so much power to change things. As for gay rights and Prop 8, it is so disheartening to work and work as a regular citizen for equal rights. Especially when you are supporting artists like Beyonce (though buying her albums, concerts, etc.) but she doesn't throw one bit of endorsement back at you. She doesn't take a stand at all. Richard, I agree and I think that it is important for us to continue to support those artists that DO speak out on civil rights.

thegayte-keeper said...

You know I put this question to my room-mate today...only it was asking him if he would attend a Britney Spears concert or Lady Gaga's and he couldn't say...I was like dude c'mon! I NEVER really took to Beyonce like that...give me someone that actual cares about the millions of gay fans that supports them?