Monday, May 24, 2010

Fuck Homophobs Issue

With all that has been going on with this years DC Pride and the DC native that has officially put his foot in his mouth for the 4Th time. With the cancellation of of his performance at the convention center (the huge Pride expo)because he was unclear about the event. Now is it me or does seem odd that you are from the DMV and you didn't know that Memorial day weekend is Black Pride??? Hmm. According to Earl Fowlkes it was very clear "Basically we had an agreement, and we were very clear to the different parties and agents involved that this was an LGBT event,'' Fowlkes says.

"What happened is that when the first blast went out that Wale was going to be at Black Pride he got cold feet, and his agent first said Wale wasn't available because he had to do family stuff. Then we got another e-mail saying he didn't know what kind of event this was when he agreed to it.''

But on his Twitter Page as of Wale saids:Wale claimed he didn't know about the cancellation, and that even though he had been told not to respond, he felt compelled to do so, because "anybody who knows me an familiar w/ my music know that I work for PEOPLE..all ppl."

Personally I could care less I am going to Miami and the only time I ever seen or heard of Wale was the MTV Awards (kayne/Taylor swift slack down) and even then I didn't care. This isn't new when these artist gets a taste of the top they go where the churches and politicians go TOO THE GAYS. They hate us all but they will take our money. They Don't stand for us but they will take our money. Get it? Until we make a stand. If you want to know who??? USHER (Were there ever homosexual activities in any of these orgies? That might be a shocking story...

There was women-on-women but never man-on-man. Shit, nowhere near that! Hell no! No one that I ever roll with or would ever roll with would get down like that.via Complex magazine)
Beyonce who seems to be all about the Gays until threes a gay rights issue or cause:

Bennie Man No comment..

50 Cent oh please...
Just to name a few..

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