Wednesday, February 15, 2012


(August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012)

As I was in a Car headed to a good friends Birthday celebration in Philly. I received 2 text messages stating the same "Whitney Houston Died" Confused and numb I went straight to to facebook to see how far this has gone. Was this a sick joke or has this happened for real??? I went to facebook and it was everywhere and I yelled "OMG Whitney died"! Still in shock and disbelief We turned on the radio and there in the Black community when someone has passed the radio does a musical tribute. There it was "Run to you" I couldn't cry because it just shocked me.I just saw her on TMZ with ray J and she seemed in good spirits. I couldn't believe she was now gone. We went to a skating rink and they played good music and I almost forgot what had just happened but then there in a remix was a Whitney song and my heart sank and I skated to the music but it felt wrong to even smile but I did and I started to remember that there was never a moment in my life that Whitney wasn't present I was a kid singing and jumping around to her music and I sang "The greatest love of all" at a kindergarten graduation. and Loved to listen to "I'm your baby tonight" in the 90's and Later I came to just be in Love the passion in her vocals for "The Bodyguard" Soundtrack when she belted out her signature song "I will always Love you" Whitney then Preggers made every ones heart melt by the middle of the song with her range and high emotions but that soundtrack itself made me love her more large in part to "I Have Nothing" She almost brought me to to tears and even when I hear it today it brings such chills down my spine. She then sort of became the Soundtrack queen a bit and Movie star. Whitney went on to do a few songs for "Waiting to Exhale" a film she also starred in and here Whitney gave you range and vocal perfection her radio hit "Shoop (Exhale)" The Urban community made this an anthem. However I was sold on "Why does this hurt so bad" the soundtrack was amazing and then we got to hear Whitney's Gospel abilities In "The Preacher's Wife" soundtrack. My Love for her Increased because you can tell in gospel that she was one with it and this was her truest vocally she has ever been. The album gave you everything Classic Gospel,R&B,Christmas, "I Love The lord" Is one of my personal favorites as well as "step By Step" It was clear that she was here to stay with her own rules and new style.

As I grew older a New album Whitney had done in Just a few weeks. I didn't flinch to buy it but there were some concerns floating like did she still have it or was she finished? Well as A Frustrated Teen who was pissed and bitter from heartbreak and disappointment I will say that every song helped me unlike any couch time could have. Songs like "Heartbreak Hotel" "Not Right but it's ok" but it was The song of all songs "I Learn From The Best" Here she was saying something and I was listening but at the end when she held that note at the end it was quite clear to me that she was singing to me and she required all of the attention. The album was Whitney's Last huge selling album outside of Her Greatest hits However She still put out an album titled "Just Whitney" Where she made it clear that she was taking a que from herself and took charge with songs "Whatchulookinat" "Unashamed" "Try It on my own" I loved it and being such a fan I stood by her side. As the years went by I wonder if she was going to put out new Music and as luck would have it Whitney started to promote "I Look to you" I was so happy and excited "Million dollar bill" was the first single out some liked it some didn't but I did and I brought the album and I got so much inspiration and I saw happiness for her once again. But Then February 11th for what was to be a night of fun 3:55pm Pacific time it was Announced that Whitney E. Houston Had passed away. The caused of death still unknown but you know that when I star has problems in their lives the press are all of a sudden Psychic and can tell exactly what happen in a room where no one was really in. I wrote this Really as a fan to share my moments through her songs and albums , To share what it is like through these of the birth of a star and the life created while celebrating them,while others tear them apart and then all of a sudden care when they pass on. My thoughts and Prayers Go to Whitney's Family especially Bobbie Christina ... my the love from all her true fans Carry you through as your mother becomes you angel...

WHITNEY HOUSTON(August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012) "WE LOOK TO YOU"


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