Monday, August 26, 2013

This was The VMA's?!?

Picture it Brooklyn 2013. A red Carpet in the middle of your street. Walking out of your brownstone and bam there is Lady GaGa standing there giving a interview. I mean yes this is MTV home of today's reality fall out, while trying to still honor the very reason their channel started MUSIC VIDEOS , But let's be honest when was the last time the VMAS were actually the VMAs??? I mean let's talk like 2000 when The award shows were really events not about shock value or who's beefin' with who. Remember when Biggie's Mom and Tupac's mom joined to present an award or when Britney stripped down to a nude body suit dropping her mouse ears for good or when N'sync performed with MJ anyone??? What we have here is a drenched version of what we use to have and that was Entertainment with real talent, But let's Go back for a moment to Last night in Brooklyn: Lady GaGa Opened the show In true GaGa Fashion with her New "Leaked Song" "Applause" where she did 4 yes 4 Costume changes of past favorite looks of hers. great performance but not her best, but welcome back GaGa.The show itself was extremly dragging for a bit until there is The former Disney kid herself Miley Cyrus with hit "We can't stop" there was alot going on there with Miley Twerkin' with the Thick black girls and stuffed animals(can't explain) Just when you thought it ended there, Miley strips off costume #1 (a bear bathing suit) to a Nude two peice and out comes Robin Thicke with "blurred Lines" accompanied with Cyrus then she starts Twerkin on Thicke until they start Robin's New song "Give it to you" with 2 chains and Kendrick Lamar. Then we get to a point of the show where Timberlake Get's the video Vangaurd Award (The Micheal Jackson Award)But here is where shit got real there must have been a huge gap in the performance line up because Timberlake paid tribute to himself for 30 mins. Now as a huge fan of MTV through the years I remember people who got the Video Vangaurd award got a video Montage and that was it collectively 10 mins. well Timberlake basically performed his whole career (solo) and N'sync was on the stage for about 4 seconds and then they were gone. I personal wasn't listening to him due to the known fact he urks me, but that is another post.Then when you started to get almost tired of the show all together they bring out Drake and he was running around on stage but I yawned and his performance was over but it wasn't a highlight for me to care what he was singing or rappin' Then Bruno Mars made his attempt to save this sinking ship with a fantastic Performance he should have saved for the Grammy's But it was a nice song "Gorilla". Poor Katy Perry closed the show with "Roar" I like the song but at that point that show could not be saved for me to really focus on her performance. I can't really tell you who won awards because there wasn't many of those given. It was nice to see Queen B (Lil Kim before y'll try my hand) to present in er hometown. The Pre-Show was better then the award show.It showed arrivals of GaGa, Katy Perry and Danity Kane minus D Woods They looked ummm D where are you boo we need you to come back and do your thing..I'm giving this show D- only because there were some moments worth mentioning but not enough...

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