Thursday, October 10, 2013

Safety Concerns During Sizzle South Beach

RE: Safety Concerns During Sizzle South Beach

Since making the announcement that Sizzle will be on South Beach during the Memorial Day Weekend, we have received overwhelming support on the move. Likewise, there have been a few with safety anxieties. Make No mistake, South Beach is and can be very safe and peaceful as long as you're not only respectful of yourself, but also be considerate of others around you. Although the following really doesn't apply to the majority of our attendees, unfortunately it only takes a small few to leave an impression. During the Memorial Day Weekend, most of you already know that South Beach is also home to Urban Beach Week (UBW). In an attempt to protect the privacy of our guest, serious measures are being exercised to ensure that none of our events either overlay with or is in close proximity to the UBW popular events.

For those that may continue to have safety concerns sharing the Beach, here are a few ways that your apprehensions can be minimized:
Code Of Conduct - Both Sizzle and UBW audiences are all looking for the same thing, and that's simply to have a great time and stellar experiences. That said, we stress that all attendees govern themselves responsibly, practice proper ethics, and be considerate for others, venues and all in authority.
Picking Up - Please do not "holla" at or try to pick-up guys that you don't know! There is nothing worse for a "straight" guy when with friends to have another guy sending unwanted advances in public. This becomes particularly worse when the "straight" guy isn't all that straight, however his buddies aren't aware. Almost all confrontations begins this way.
Attire - Be mindful of your attire. While ladies at UBW can and will get away with poop-poop shorts and next to nothing clothing, you on the other hand might not find the same success.
Appearance - On South Beach, you'll be among other party seekers in the thousands, thus you will find it extremely difficult to standout - So we suggest that you don't try. We find that people have the best experiences when they blend in rather than try to stand out. Sometimes standing out isn't in our best interest.
We're not asking people to totally change who they are, but rather be respectful of themselves and those around them. Here at Sizzle South Beach, how our brand is viewed and received by all is extremely important to us. We have spoken with the mayor and a few other Miami Beach city officials, and is happy to report that they're all in support of Sizzle coming to the Beach. So let's do all possible to not add to their already challenging task of managing "the beach" during Memorial Day Weekend.

Realizing that a small few might fine this announcement a bit hash or heavy, we think it's critical that we be fare to them by being as clear as possible. Finally, given that a great deal of our Sizzlers are already co-existing on the beach, we're confident that all you will fare just fine moving from the city. Should you continue to have concerns or find it difficult to embrace our suggestions above, unfortunately Sizzle South Beach may not be for you at this time.

It has been our pleasure providing world-class experiences in the City of Miami, and we look forward hosting you at the world's playground... South Beach.

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